5 comments on “Changing Gears: Feel the burn!

  1. Holy smokes, you are dedicated! I can’t imagine dropping candy or french fries from my life! I would say the biggest, unhealthy thing I dropped was about four years ago. Since then, I have pretty much never entered the frozen food aisle of the grocery store. Occasionally I have bought a bag of frozen vegetables to make an easy stir fry, or some ice cream/popsicles in the summer, but otherwise I stay away from it completely!

  2. Wow – keep up the great work! Have you tried oven-baked fries? Sometimes, empty calories and sugar come from drinks – how’s that department?

    • @Zannatreza Ya, used to enjoy oven-baked fries, but I’d still over-indulge. Portion control is a big thing for me, so it was better just to move on from them. I hear you about calories and drinks. I refer to beer as liquid weight gain. It was nothing to go out with friends and have a pint or three, but three pints of beer is 600 calories! I enjoy the odd social drink still, but my alcohol consumption is very low, and almost never beer anymore.
      I ditched sugar big time in 2007/08, and only drink water and diet soft drinks now. I know, the diet drinks aren’t good either, but seeing 41g of sugar on the side of that Coke, it was just too much.

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