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  1. Thanks for the post Andrew! I’ve been told I need to drastically increase my protein intake and protein shakes were reccommended to me. I’ve been asking around for a good one with no success so I’ll look into this one. I’m supposed to increase my protein intake by around 220 grams per day!

  2. I would love to be able to start drinking protein shakes (I more than likely need them, despite my efforts to eat enough protein every day), but I just can’t get into the “watered-down milk” taste they have. Do people ever drink them with milk?

    • I’d imagine so. I know people who mix the unflavoured protein with orange juice. It’s whey protein, which comes from milk, so I don’t see why it would be a problem. The watered down taste takes a bit of getting used to, but I definitely look forward to it now.

  3. Hey Sens fan (lol) I worked in Marketing and Advertising for a large sports nutrition company for five years and I can tell you this. Whey protein shakes are good as a supplement to your strict diet and using them would depend on your goals.

    If you are looking to put on muscle and are eating whole foods, you can add extra protein and carbs with the shakes – good for if you are sick of cooking etc. If your goal is to tone up and not necessarily put on size, I would save your money. As for protein bars, most are loaded with sugar, fat and cholesterol – take care with those.

    Great blog.

    • @jefflemoine Thanks a lot! OK, interesting. I’m definitely not in toning mode yet. I guess I’m still building muscle, but I’m not pushing that too hard. I’m trying to lose weight right now while maintaining or slightly building muscle.

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