2 comments on “Lunch – My most important meal of the day

  1. Similar to you I like to pack a lunch every day and I try to eat a variety of different things. Where do you get your inspiration for new lunch ideas? I tend to look at Kraft.com but I’m eager to find a new source to look up tasty ideas.

    • @Stephanie To be honest, I enjoy cooking and meal preparation, so a lot of it is inspiration mixed with simplicity. Always best to keep lunch simple, so I’ll go with a (pictured) lemon lime salmon portion, or rum pepper chicken. I try to combine some sort of lean meat, lightly spiced, with veggies and either a piece of cheese or handful of granola/cereal.
      If I’m really short on ideas, allrecipes.com and about.com/food are great resources. Believe it or not, Canadian Living magazine usually has some good stuff too (canadianliving.com/food). Don’t be bound by their recipes; tweak them with your favourites. I can’t have a stew/soup without beans, so I usually include them whether the recipe calls for it or not.
      If I cook a nice dinner, I’ll usually do enough for 1-3 lunches, and then portion and freeze the extras. At any given time, I have a variety of ready-to-go meals in my freezer, so I’m able to quickly grab something home made, delicious and nutritious on my way out the door. Wow, I sound like an infomercial…

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